MaddHare Beard balms

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Have no fear Maddhare is here. 

MaddHare beard balm is exactly what you need to help moisturize and style at the same time. We offer 4 different styles of beard . Handmade with natural ingredients. Same benbalmsefits as the oil less mess. Take care of your beard today with maddhare beard balms. 

Beard balm made with 100% all natural ingredients. This butter won’t weigh your beard down or leave it feeling greasy and is designed to work perfectly with your favorite Maddhare beard oils and 3in1 beard/ facial wash.

After washing your beard with your Maddhare beard wash, towel dry and apply Maddhare oils. Order yours today.

Ingredients: shea butter beeswax coconut oil fragrance oil and or essential oils

Maddwood: a soft natural woodsy smell

MaddBlack: a deep sweet masculine smell

Madd2Measure: a soft masculine smell not too overpowering.

Mango butter: natural scented from the mango butter soft but sweet.