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Join in on the Fun. SMELL O' VISION 

Smell o' Vision is aired on Instagram @maddproductions1 the last Thursday of every month @ 8pm central. Virtual interaction..


Not to worry if you miss it.  The recorded interaction will be available to you after airing for your convenience. 

Smell O' Vision is a virtual interaction that includes:

Once a month you will receive a sample oil. This sample oil is meant to be opened during our live virtual interaction streaming at the same time as everyone subscribing to this Awesome new Niche. These oils will be mailed out to you and to your door  before the last Thursday of every month assuring that you will be able to be included and Participate in this virtual interaction.

During this virtual interaction once a month, We/You will open the beard oils package and do a smell test together (live streaming) with other enthusiasts from the beard community. You will be able to interact and communicate with the beard community during this live stream. Gianing Intel and friendships along you Journey

You will be walked through the fragrances live stream each month. You will be able to discuss oils AND what fragrance notes are used to create these awesome oils and smells. We will also discuss other beard products and techniques while helping come up with the new fragrances for the next month.

Please remember this is a creative live stream show. Where you and other viewers get to help create the fragrance of the month. Some oils might not make it on your keep list. But if they do,  you have the option to purchase the oils of the month. 


Smell O' Vision subscription: Live streaming  1 hr each month to go over sample oils.  (Designated day and time of the month). If date and time are missed it will be uploaded for your convenience to watch. 

One sample oil per month (smell and use testers). Shipped to your door.

Chances to help create new fragrances and more.

Interaction with the beard community 

Live streaming Hosted by Ab Beardboss and GoatMan once a month. 

Additional bonuses 

Discounts on future orders. 

Enjoy the Maddness 

Subscribe today!     

Please note: You will receive an email each month reminding you about your subscription and payment as of right now we do not offer an automatic payment subscription. We do plan on adding that in the near future. Each month you will need to click on the reminder e-mail and submit payment for the following month subscription. Thank you. Please enjoy